Education and Charities

Education and Charities

Photocopiers for Education & Charity organization in UK, Community services.

Educational establishments either Private Sector or Government and charities are often able to secure prices and benefits in line with Major Account clients. (See our Major Accounts page).

Schools and charities are deemed to be ideal photocopier clients.

Budgets have to be closely monitored and used wisely; we can help ensure that you are not spending more than necessary.

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Our Mission Statement includes the facts that We Do Not Use High Pressure Tactics.

As with all our clients we would like a long term relationship and it is no surprise that we have a number of schools as clients where that is the case.

Benefits available subject to machine installations may include:

  • Specialist Educational discounts possible
  • Reduced Service Costs
  • Negotiated Lower Lease Rates
  • Bespoke Service Agreements
  • Annualised invoicing for Lease or Service Possible
  • Extended Copy Meter Reading Periods Available

You may already be enjoying educational status through another supplier, but that does not always mean that you are getting the best deal.

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Dealer complacency may lead to abuse of your trust and loyalty.

Ask for an obligation free price check now against your current quote or your last deal.

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