Green Options

Are you serious about reducing your energy usage?

There can be many reasons for choosing an environmentally friendly printer or printers for your office or home.

For many it is concern for the world we live in and our children’s future. For others it is company directives, commitments and targets and for some it is as simple as cost savings.

As we all know the government regularly look at, discuss and target carbon and energy usage reductions. Some of those targets will inevitably filter through to business in the shape of levies and taxes for non compliance. Many government offices and departments are looking to improve their systems. Therefore, we have examples where equipment installed has provided massive savings. See the Dumfries & Galloway video below which shows projected savings in the region of £240,000.00.

Rest assured with recently released machines we can help you install more efficient, reliable equipment.

We are specialist dealers. And we have access to equipment that many manufacturers and suppliers cannot compete with. Think about it a manufacturer will only promote their own product even if it is inefficient..


Since the advent of office copiers manufacturers have mainly focused on Laser and LED technology to provide low cost business ready printers and there has not been an alternative, UNTIL NOW.

The alternative technology has been used in most people homes and small offices for years, inkjet printers but because they have been designed for very low usage and the running costs have been enormous they have not been affordable for office usage.

Things have changed, new multi-functional copiers and single function printers designed for office printing are now available that are robust, incredibly reliable and inexpensive to run.


less energy than lasers

If every business in the UK made the switch to Epson Business Inkjet printers it would save enough power to run at least 60,000 households.

WorkForce Pro printers are more energy-efficient than comparable laser devices.

Protect your environment.


less waste than lasers

If every business in the UK switched to Epson Business Inkjet printers there would be a waste saving of at least 30,000 tonnes.

WorkForce Pro printers produce up to 94% less waste than lasers and laser copiers. The Buyers Laboratory’s tests also found that our RIPS models can produce up to 99% less waste.

Say no to waste.


less CO2 than lasers

If every business in the UK switched to Epson Business Inkjet printers, the reduction in CO2 would be equivalent to the volume absorbed by at least 5 million trees.

Our cleaner technologies provide a greener alternative to laser devices, and are up to 23% quieter.

The green printing alternative.


no ozone is produced

Epson’s Business Inkjet printers provide an environmentally sound alternative to laser printers. With no ozone gas, you can protect your environment with this green technology.

Because our inkjet products don’t use heat there is no ozone gas emitted, so you can protect your environment and breathe easy.

Make the switch.

Energy Savings Simplified

Schools Student Energy Challenge

This simple video shows Wayne Rooney trying to power a laser printer with a bike and a school boy powering an inkjet printer with ease.

If you are a school and you would like to borrow the bikes and a printer we will happily arrange this for you.

Dumfries & Galloway Council project big savings

Dumfries & Galloway council have made big savings from switching to our new inkjet options. Projected 5 year saving over 5 schools £240,000.00
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