Photocopier Buying Tips

Buying Tips

see a few of the Facts & Myths in the printer industry, look below and make your own mind up.

Fact 1

Typically, less than 15% of office printing is on A3 paper. Nonetheless, companies are sold large A3 capable, devices that they don’t necessarily need, rather than take multiple A3 capable devices why not mix it up and have some A4 only units.

Fact 2

The majority of companies persuade users to take faster, larger machines on the basis that they are cheaper to run than smaller machines, this is not always true.

Fact 3

The more that you spend on equipment, the higher the profit opportunities your supplier has. Consider downsizing equipment it will save you money.

Fact 4

New machines available benefit from lower CO2 levels and power consumption, they are more environmentally friendly and can be cheaper to run.

Fact 5

With one click of your mouse we can initiate a print audit which will give you accurate current costs to print. Using our obligation free review of your needs, usage, equipment and costs can identify savings and improvements that you may benefit from. Enjoy remote machine management, toner, ink and consumables monitoring, meter readings, better machines with facilities like print from your mobile phone and of course look to reduce your current costs.

Myths  True or False

Myth 1

Do you believe the statement “I can’t change my machines or supplier as I have a lease and or service agreement which I can’t get out of”.

A: False  This is not always true, we often settle leases for clients and lower costs (because you weren’t offered the right equipment and prices originally).

Call or email us obligation free we will tell you if you really are stuck.

Myth 2

Many companies believe its best to stick with their existing suppliers and will always get the lowest costs available.

A: False  This is often not true; many then abuse your loyalty and trust and erode discounts that you should be getting on subsequent deals, meaning that you pay more than you need to because they don’t expect you to shop around.

You probably check your car insurance renewal why wouldn’t you check that you are getting a fair deal.

Myth 3

Smaller A4 only machines are not robust enough for our high levels of usage.

A: False Machines are designed for everything from low volume home use to Industrial printers. There are robust commercial A4 only small but high usage machines readily available at a fraction of the cost of larger multi-functional devices.

Myth 4

Smaller machines are expensive on inks and toners, we could spend a fortune.

A: False  Yes on home units they can be, but commercial models can be entirely different. So much so we offer inclusive packages which guarantee low cost printing.

Remember By installing equipment appropriate to your needs you will still have the facilities that you require and very often costs can easily drop.