Buy or Lease

Lease Photocopiers

Best Photocopier Lease Rates Available

We offer Photocopier Lease Agreements through:

  • GRENKE Leasing are our preferred providor
  • Brokers (for clients with a poor credit score)

Note: rates may vary and an indemnity may be required

Feel free to check that the current copier lease quote you have not only offers the machine at a competitive purchase price but also that you are being given the best lease rates available. Options Include:

  • Lease Periods from 1 to 5 years
  • 3 months Deferred Payments

A Few Questions Answered

A: This is frequently decided by your own cash flow situation and your requirements [photocopiers budgets range from £500 – £100K +]. If in doubt ask your accountant.

[a] Costs
[b] Tax Reclaimed
Purchase Price Typical 3 Year
Lease Costs
Typical 5 Year
Lease Costs
3,000.00 Monthly 99.75 Monthly 66.95
1st Year [a] £3,000.00 £1,197.00 £803.40
1st Year [b] £1,200.00 £1,197.00 £803.40
2nd Year [a] Nil £1,197.00 £803.40
2nd Year [b] £450.00 £1,197.00 £803.40
3rd Year [a] Nil £1,197.00 £803.40
3rd Year [b] £337.50 £1,197.00 £803.40
4th Year [a] Nil n/a £803.40
4th Year [b] £253.13 n/a £803.40
5th Year [a] Nil n/a £803.40
5th Year [b] £189.84 n/a £803.40
Totals [a] £3,000.00 £3,591.00 £4,017.00
Totals [b] £2,430.57 £3,591.00 £4,017.00

A: If you buy you will be able to claim 40% of the photocopier purchase price against tax in the first year and thereafter claim 25% of the outstanding balance per annum. Note: tax allowances constantly change check online or with your accountant for current figures.

If you lease you do not have to pay the cost of the photocopier immediately and you may reclaim everything you pay out on a monthly / quarterly / annual basis.

Example Based on a £3,000.00 photocopier [All costs exclude VAT]

A: The Leasing company but frequently you can negotiate ownership at the end of the lease.

A: Yes! But beware many suppliers will lie and tell you that this is at no cost [free of charge].
This is not true any outstanding payments will be added to your new lease. Making the second machine a higher cost than if you hadn’t upgraded.

A: No! A charge for copies may be made and added to the lease cost but leases usually have a disclaimer that the Photocopier Service is separate to the Photocopier lease and if the photocopier service given is not satisfactory it will not affect the lease cost apportioned to the photocopier.

A: If the photocopier cost is similar and the lease cost is very different this will be for one of two reasons

1. A reduced lease rate has been offered for a larger initial payment being made [typically 2 quarters required for the first payment]

2. An additional Quarter is charged i.e. there are 12 quarters in a 3 year lease.Normal charges are 1 payment followed by the remaining 11 quarters. You may be asked to pay 1 quarter followed by a further 12 [not 11] payments.

Our advice is check exactly how many payments you are going to have to pay. All of our prices are for a standard payment method if you would like us to quote for one of the alternatives above please contact us.

*Uniquely we offer you the opportunity to continue with your supplier for supply and service and we will save you the trip to the bank to provide great leasing deals. Simply e-mail us with the purchase price of the machine and the period you would like to lease for and we will e-mail you back a quote.