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Do you have a photocopier business for sale? Are you considering business partnerships or business agents to selling your photocopier company or photocopier client base, or have you thought that a partnership may work for you?

Very often small copier companies are disillusioned with the return invested for all of their hard work and would like to sell their client base but feel a sale may be difficult as the base is only small. The bigger companies may not be interested as you may simply be too small.

You may have reservations because you have a few loyal staff who you would like to see kept wherever possible; as we all know the larger companies don’t need or want staff they are just chasing a photocopier base.

You may have lease commitments on premises, possibly you started recently [in say the last few years] and you just can’t make enough money and need to sell the copier customer base that you have built up.

Maybe you have been offered alternative work and you are unsure how to sell your photocopier business or who will be interested in buying a small copier base.

We are interested in talking to anyone who is interested in selling their photocopier and or printer base.

We don’t have any hard and fast rules on valuations, we would rather talk to you about what you have and what you would like to see happen with your company.

Perhaps you would like to join up with us; we are interested in joining forces to establish new business partners in various areas.

Why choose Interactive to buy your photocopier business or be a new partner?

We are interested in fair deals for all three of us:

1. You
2. Interactive
3. Your Clients.

We may be interested in taking on staff and offices or warehouses.
We are interested in possible partnership arrangements.


Paul Nicholson 01223 714984