Case Studies

Case Studies

Independent School (charity registered)

The customer had 18 x A3 capable machines all 2nd hand machine circa 5 years old + bought at very low cost with a low cost service agreement

Problems: Machines were in poor condition and service often had long delays for parts and toners etc, the customer did not think they could afford new machines.

Solution: Reduced numbers to 12 machines, installed all new equipment on a lease with service at similar price to previous service charges alone, customer now has reliable equipment including consumables and prompt service.

Costs: We were able to negotiate support from manufacturers to get big discounts, on the equipment, this added to lower service costs made the new total cost very similar to the previous charges. Something the customer thought was impossible.

Medium Sized Office

An estate agent with 3 offices, the customer had 3-year lease and service agreement on 3 x A3 colour machines with reasonable price for managed service support i.e. engineers call out and consumables (excluding paper) included.

Problems: One machine was unreliable and engineers couldn’t fix it, no sooner did he walk out the door than the machine broke down again; the previous supplier offered to upgrade all 3 machines for new as a solution and the customer came to us for a price check.

Solution: To win the deal we went below list price on the machines that added with a much better lease rate enabled us to include the current early termination charges and install 3 new machines.

Costs: After looking at the prices offered we were able to install identical make and model machines to the original suppliers offer at 18% less saving the client £120.00 + VAT per month including settling existing liabilities.

Small Office

A small insurance office previously the customer always bought Dell multi functional printers at circa £500.00 and a expected life of 5 years, they had no service support and bought consumables when needed and paid engineer call outs ad-hoc.

Problems: One machine was end of life with reliability problems, they were finding fuser units, toners and drums expensive.

Solution: The customer had never considered lease with a managed service option, they thought a small printer would be cheap to run . We new equipment on a offered a 5 year lease (which saved cash flow) with a toner, engineer and parts inclusive agreement.

Costs: After looking at the prices offered compared to the running costs of their usual machines the cost analysis showed savings of £1,200.00 over 5 years with the added benefit of service cover and consumables supplied.