Sales Referrals

Sales Referrals

Earn easy commission – we pay our staff commissions and are happy to pay you for any leads that you provide that we are not already dealing with that convert to a sale.

We sell lease and service photocopiers, the hardest part of our job is finding an interested client.

Is your company, your brother or sister or friend at a company that are looking to change their machine(s)? Ask them a simple question “Do you know if your company would be interested in changing their copier?”

Reasons to change include, Reduce Costs, More Reliable Equipment, Better Service, or maybe to Go Greener!

If it is a need to reduce costs (if it is possible) we can show them how, obligation free!

How to Get Sales Referrals

Send us the introduction, if we get the sale we will pay you the sales persons commission of 50% of the deal profit which can be excellent money.

Your company or friends have nothing to lose from an obligation free price comparison.

One off’s or regular intro’s welcome, existing equipment upgraded almost anything is possible contact us to find out more.

Terms & Conditions apply* for sales referrals

Step One.

Contact us and talk about the prospective customers needs in total confidence and see what you may earn from a sale. We will log your introduction.

Step Two.

Either we will contact the client or they may contact us and we will arrange a meeting and quotation.

Step Three.

If the client makes a purchase or leases a machine with a service support agreement from us we will calculate the sales profit and pay you the commission  (after 30 days) that we would have paid our salesperson.