Free Audit

Free Audit – Costs & Energy

Our print audit is Free of Charge, many companies offer print audits but usually these are simply running costs our audits also show energy savings.

Why have a Print Audit?

It is a fact that most companies have to print, that’s the easy bit what’s hard is knowing what your true running costs are but also are you aware that from an audit we can also show possible energy savings.

Some companies buy equipment, some lease machines that is only a part of your true cost of ownership, consumables can be hugely expensive.

With our audit we can tell you volumes that your machines are doing and what each machine will cost you to run and if savings are possible what they may be.

How do we do it?
Our working lives are busy, many people are short of time we can make the audit as simple as email you a link which will analyze your usage and give you essential information that you may need.

If you prefer to meet first of course we are happy to meet with you, obviously we need to talk to you to establish what you are looking for and why you are considering an audit.

We will email you a link to a Data Collection Agent with an authorization code, when you run this link on any PC it will look at what printers

you have and give us the make , model, serial number and meter readings both colour and mono.

We recommend looking at usage for a minimum of 30 days and up to 90 days to calculate your running costs.

If you have leases, this is a 2 party process, we will need you to give us copies of leases and any service agreements so that we can calculate your liabilities for you and again show what savings can be made.

We can then give you a report of your current costs and offer alternatives with a focus on improving your systems and reducing costs.