Mission Statement

Mission & Vision

To win new and retain existing clients through our simple philosophy of offering Value for Money without High Pressure Tactics using the Right Product Range and Service Support and giving the customer a truly Personal Service.

  • Value for Money
    Our prices are highly competitive. However, if we don’t make a profit we cannot give you the after sales service and support you expect and deserve. Our profit is lower than many of our competitors but, we believe, reasonable. If you are looking for a fair deal from a fair company continue with this web site.
  • No High Pressure Tactics
    We really don’t want to sell to you. Our mission statement is we would like you to buy from us.
  • The Right Product Range and Service Support
    Our range is limited to proven quality, reliable equipment covering each type of application. Whilst we can supply most makes, if we are aware of equipment which suffers reliability problems we will advise you of that and we may recommend a suitable alternative. The service support given is of an excellent standard at all times to all customers large and small a like.
  • Personal Service
    Many conglomerates often lose, you, the customer in their own sheer size and red tape. Simple issues can become an unnecessary drama. This is not the mission statement with Interactive Office Systems, we allocate a representative to your account and expect that person to give you the courtesy of a call every six months. We don’t aim to haunt you, but we genuinely believe you would appreciate staying in touch with us. You will also receive updates on new products that we introduce and adopt.