Major Accounts

Major Accounts

Photocopiers for Major Accounts Sometimes as much as 70% discount available.

Manufacturers are eager to win your business and will offer huge discounts for Multi machine (normally at least 20+) installations.

The more photocopiers that you use the higher the discounts available.

However, obviously if you have not tried a brand before you may not want to commit to taking all machines until you have tried machines and models available.

We can negotiate the best pricing for you and your company sometimes dealing with the factory direct.

Benefits available subject to machine installations may include:

  • Highest discounts possible
  • Own on site engineer
  • Reduced Service Costs
  • Negotiated Lower Lease Rates

You may already be enjoying major account status through another supplier, but that does not always mean that you are getting the best deal.

Dealer complacency may lead to abuse of your trust and loyalty.

Ask for an obligation free price check now against your current quote or your last deal.

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