Consultancy Services

Photocopier Consultancy Services & Consultancy Advice.

Why take advice? Why not review your copier renewal, just as people routinely check insurance quotes? Most copier suppliers offer the biggest discount on your initial deal with them. They then count on your trust, assuming you won’t check renewal prices for a better deal next time.

Many abuse your loyalty and trust and erode discounts that you should be getting on subsequent deals. This means that you pay more than you should be.

Employ an Expert Not every company has a dedicated facilities management team or buyer and therefore negotiating new contracts can be a risky business. You may delegate the work to someone in the office who simply hasn’t got the experience or knowledge to negotiate the best deal for you.

For instance, unscrupulous organizations often target certain industries, such as schools or companies with fewer than 10 employees. Therefore, viewing them as vulnerable targets.

As specialists in the field of copying and print we are able to offer consultancy advice; if we cannot show you a better deal it’s free, if we can show you a better deal and you choose to accept our suggestion you are better off anyway.

Two Options of Consultancy Services
  • COMPLETE NEGOTIATION We will NOT provide new equipment or services and will negotiate your new contracts for you & charge a fee for the consultancy work carried out.
    [We may waive fees if we install the equipment ourselves.]
  • NEGOTIATION CHECK – You will have been offered a new deal or an upgrade from an existing supplier and will want to check that it is competitive. Then, we will check the existing agreement and the new offer for you for a small fee and establish any further savings that you should be receiving.
    [We may waive fees if we install the equipment ourselves.]

Before committing to a new 3 or 5-year term, it’s crucial to thoroughly check the deal when offered a new lease.

Do you fully understand a TVRP [ Total Volume Rental Plan ]

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