Remanufactured Photocopiers & Printers can save up to 50% Off


What  Do I Need from my Photocopier?

Daily we receive email requests for quotes for a new photocopier but often it is difficult to prepare an offer when we no nothing of the customer needs.

The latest photocopier often with print, copy and scan can be a cheap way to deal with office printing scanning and archiving, but with the lowest end units starting at £150.00 and the largest units going up to £60,000.00 there is an enormous choice of specifications.

Also, should you buy, lease or rent your new photocopier? We will try and give you some practical advise which will help you choose the right copier printer for your needs.

My Photocopying Requirements

As mentioned above there is a huge choice of photocopiers available from a range of suppliers offering choices of how you will pay for your new machine, do you have the money to buy or would you prefer a lease or rental arrangement. Then what will you need for ongoing maintenance, remember the vast majority of offices take out a service support agreement.

Questions you should ask include:

Before deciding which machine you think is right for you and to choose the right machine questions we ask clients include:

  • Are you looking for Colour or Black and White only?
  • How many users will there be?
  • Do you know what speed you want (your current machine tells us what you are used to)?
  • Are you looking for A4 paper size only or larger A4/A3 machine?
  • Do you know approx. how many pages you will print in colour and mono per month?
  • What is your budget, are you looking for new or a refurbished photocopier?
  • Do you need additional functions, these include extra paper trays, stapling, scanning, booklet making?
  • Do you want to buy, lease rent, or costs or all?

Costs of Buying a Photocopier

With costs ranging from £150.00 going up to £60,000.00 + there are many things that will affect which is the right machine for your needs and office.

Key factors are the cheaper the original new cost price the more expensive the machine is likely to be to run. For example a £150.00 copier printer is designed for very low usage and the running costs could be 10 – 20 times that of a £2,500.00 machines. In addition a larger commercial machine will be more robust and more suited to higher volume office usage.

We are pleased to also offer refurbished machines that come with the same copy quality, reliability and service warranties as a new machine – depending on make and model savings to you will be in the region of 30-50% cheaper than a new machine.

We do not refurbish all machines only ones that we consider have had a low enough volume of usage to be a good reliable machine, if we do not like a machine due to its high mileage or poor condition we sell it to a trader.